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Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday Pictures

Happy 5th Birthday to Emily.  On May 20th, Mommy and Daddy were so happy to be able to celebrate her birthday and have a big party with all of her friends and family!  We also want to thank Sue and Jojo for coming out from PA to visit and be a big part of our weekend. Emily was so happy and was feeling so good and had a great day. Mommy and Daddy ran around all day long getting together everything to make sure that Emily had the best day!

We want to give a huge thanks to Fairy Godmother Project (The Richmond Chapter) who was so amazing and worked it out to have The Fun Bus donated, a bouncy house donated and the wonderful cake the Richmond Coordinator made for Emily. Daddy wanted Emily have a big birthday party this year, and she definitely had a big party, and it was just so wonderful! We can't thank you all enough for the amazing day and the friends and family that came to be with Emily on her special day.

Here are some pictures that we wanted to share with you from her special day!

Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Girl
Emily and Karen (owner of FunBus -- Thank you Karen)

Emily playing on funbus
The beautiful cake

Emily and her friends playing in the Bouncy House

Emily and her sisters

Again thank you so much to all those who made this day possible.  So many of you have sent birthday cards and packages to Emily to make her birthday the best one she has ever had. The love you all have showered on our Emily is amazing and we really can't thank you all enough. Please know your cards have brought smiles to Emily's face during this past week when she has felt down, and it means to much that you all could do this.  Daddy was hoping that we could reach Justin Bieber to see if he would send Emily a little video talking to Emily and to say Happy Birthday... We did try for a few days to see if we could email him and contacted a few others, but no such luck on reaching him and making it possible.

Thank you guys again so much for such a wonderful 5th Birthday!