Emily's Journey through Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma. Please check back often as we will update as often as we can.

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Emilys Journey

This page is all about Emily!  Please go back to CaringBridge to follow her journey from the beginning, http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/emilys/mystory.  This webpage is about Emily's journey through ganglionueroblastoma. Please check back often as we will update as often as we can.

Here is a history of events in short terms:

12/18/2010 -- Emily complained of belly pain and had high fevers. Went to Johnston Willis.
12/19/2010 -- Johnston Willis did a CT Scan and found a tumor.  Our whole life changed. We were transported to MCV
12/20/2010 - 12/22/2010 -- Emily had several scans done, MRI, MIBG, whole body scan
12/23/2010 -- dissected the tumor and removal of about 70% of the tumor.  She was diagnosed with Ganglionueroblastoma, Stage IV
12/29/2010 -- Finally better after surgery to be sent home.
1/10/2011 -- Traveled to New York City, Sloan Ketterly for a second opinion.  Modak agreed with Stage IV and chemo needed to be started as soon as possible.
1/13/2011 -- consultation with Dr. Gowda on the process of the chemo treatment
1/18/2011 -- 1st round of chemo started at MCV hospital
1/22/2011 -- 1st round of chemo completed
1/23/2011 -- Emily went home 

1/27/2011 -- Emily developed a fever and was admitted
1/30/2011 -- Emily was released to go home and had a great day at home.
1/30/2011 -- Emily developed another fever and was admitted
2/02/2011 -- Emily went home
2/04/2011 -- Emily went to the clinic and her counts are going up
2/10/2011 -- Went to clinic, counts are up. Ready to start chemo, no private room
2/11/2011 -- 2nd round of chemo started
02/16/2011 -- 2nd round of chemo completed and went home

03/08/2011 -- 3rd round of chemo started at MCV hospital
03/11/2011 -- 3rd round of chemo completed
03/21/2011 -- Traveled to Philadelphia for 3rd opinion, and it was told it is Neuroblastoma Differential, Stage IV High Risk
04/04/2011 -- 4th round of chemo started at CVU hospital
05/02/2011 -- 5th round of chemo started at VCU 05/06/2011 -- 5th round of chemo completed
05/26/2011 -- Surgery at CHOP
05/28/2011 -- Released from CHOP
06/06/2011 -- 6th round of chemo started at VCU Hospital
06/10/2011 -- 6th round of chemo completed
07/18/2011 – Emily had Stem Cell Transplant #1 with 6 days of chemo and on Day -7 was rest day
07/25/2011 – Emily received her stem cells back
08/08/2011 – Emily was released from Bone Marrow Transplant Unit to be seen twice a week

09/07/2011 - Emily had Stem Cell Transplant #2 with 4 days of chemo
09/15/2011 - Emily received her stem cells back
09/28/2011 - Emily was released from the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit to be seen twice a week
10/17/2011 - Emily started conventional radiation
11/02/2011 - Radiation complete
11/07/2011 - Heading to Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia for Antibodies
11/17/2011 - Progression, does not qualify for Antibodies
11/23/2011 - Round 1 MIBG Therapy at CHOP
01/12/2012 - Told to give Emily quality of life, Round 2 MIBG Therapy at CHOP
01/24/2012 - Received Stem Cells 
02/23/2012 - Broviac Line is out, Port placed
03/07/2012 - Head to Grand Rapids, MI at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital to meet with Dr. Sholler
03/19/2012 - Round 1 Nifurtimox Trial at Levines Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC
04/23/2012 - Round 2 Nifurtimox Trial
05/10/2012 - Scans stable with decrease in uptake
05/20/2012 - Emily's 5 year birthday party
05/21/2012 - Round 3 Nifurtimox Trial
05/30/2012 - Happy 5th Birthday Emily
06/18/2012 - Round 4 Nifurtimox Trial
07/13/2012 - Scans stable with no change
07/16/2012 - Round 5 Nifurtimox Trial with Zometa
07/31/2012 - Fear of progression
08/09/2012 - VCU scans state "Clear"
08/13/2012 - Round 6 Nifurtimox Trial
09/08/2012 - Scans stable with only 3 spots left from Helen DeVos
09/10/2012 - 1st Day of Kindergarden
09/17/2012 - Round 7 Nifurtimox Trial with Zometa
10/12/2012 - Scans stable from Helen DeVos, still 7 spots
10/15/2012 - Round 1, CH14.18

Many are asking how they can help and where to donate....

First and foremost, we ask for your prayers, your support and your love.  Your comments you leave, mean so much and we read every bit of them and read many of them to Emily!  So, please continue to do so.

Secondly, if you want to Donate to Emily, you may do so below:
1. All donors may mail funds to the account at:
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