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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011 Part 2

Emily all ready for her clinic appointment

Today's appointment went well!  Emily had to get her counts check and they went from Tuesday 2.5 to 1.2.  Our hope is that she doesn't hit rock bottom, we are trying the Life Mel Honey which is chemo support and Emily likes the taste of it.  We hope to see her counts not go rock bottom, but we just started it yesterday.  The doctor was surprised to see that she didn't have any mouth sores yet, so good job honey on the traumeel s, we are going to see if she hits rock bottom and if she does how her mouth does and if she restains the sores.  Our hope is that she restains them.

However Emily seems that she is starting to get sick.  She has a runny nose, she sounded hoarse this morning and coughing and sneezing, but the doctors said we needed to wait its course since she didn't have a fever.  So, lets pray it is nothing. Hope iti s just the drastic change in the weather, 75 degrees today!

Again we are trying to get her counts up so that she can get the Stem Cell Harvest done, so we are still doing the GCSF daily and then on Monday they will double the dosage!   We were told once they double the dosage we should start to see them increase quickly!  So Monday morning we will go and have her counts checked again and see where she is.

Wednesday she has her bone marrow test scheduled.  So she will need to have anastesia (sp) for that.

So we just ask that you guys say lots of prayers for us as we go into the next week or so!

We are hanging low this weekend since we are told to stay home and not have her around a lot of people.  So, have a good weekend.

Hold your kids tight and love them with all you have. 

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