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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Today we sit in the clinic earlier than expected because Emilys appointment was not until 1030 am! Woke up this morning and Emily was burning up! Took her temperature and it was 103! I woke Doug up to show him and he saw it too! So we got the girls ready, gave Emily a luke warm tubby and the temperature went down! Emily was screaming no fever I don't want to stay there! No fever!! 

So we got here to clinic and instead of being in the fishbowl we are in a room away from others! They checked her temp and it was 101.6!!!! My second thought for this morning Fxxx!  Yeah that is what I am thinking! We have been so careful, Emily has gone no where since she was released from the hospital on the 6th except here...no where! So Emily is asleep on my lap while i wrote this here waiting for counts to come back! My hope is that her WBC and ANC are up and they put her on an antibiotic and send her on her merry way! Because if not she will have another scene which will cause benedryl again and I dont want to be there! 

So please send your positive thoughts that all is good! 

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