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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

This will be the 3rd time trying to get this entry in hopefully I won't accidentily hit the cancel button again.

Friday morning Emily had count checks at the clinic! It was great to see her counts went from .3 to 1.6 WBC and she was just a little but greater than 1000 for her ANC! So Dr Gowda okayed her for surgery!

This past weekend we enjoyed the weekend away...away from our house and away from the hospital in our camper at a campground! We headed to VA Beach after work to take some time away from our new "normalcy" and just have a good time! So we let the girls ride bikes, play ball and just have fun! It was different to go camping and the pool now be open and we didn't get in the pool. However no one made mention of it! We drove the golf cart around the campground and looked at campers and just had a good time! Saturday night we took the girls over to the gameroom to play some games and right outside the door of the gameroom they had a DJ and a party for all the campers! Emily was having a great time playing games, dancing and smiling and it was great to see her smile! Jessie and Brianna were having a good time as well so it was nice to get that time away! Emily even talked to auntie Tricia and uncle Glenn on the phone, which it has been a while since she has done that! We were thankful for that bit of time together as a family away from hospital!

Today we are back to reality away from camping and driving to CHOP! Emily has pre-op today and we have done nothing but hit traffic along the way which means we will be late! I have called the nurse to see if we can move the appointment to a couple hours later but I haven't heard back at this time! Today is a day that we prepare for what is to come with surgery and I can't say that I or Doug is not nervous about it but we also want to get this part done and over with! It's also something that we haven't told Emily about because all it will do is get her scared and cry! She is done with all of this and so are we...but we also want to get all of this out and hope that it never comes back!

We want to continue to thank our amazing community and family and friends who walk along with us! Thanks to Melissa for working on the auction online on facebook so that we can have a swingset for the girls, thankful to friends who do things to help and thankful to organic meals that are brought from time to time and thankful to family in Massachusetts who is working on a fundraiser in Doug's hometown! It is amazing how family and friends pickup to help during a time like this and we can't say thank you enough, but it does mean a lot to us! So a huge thank you!

Well I made it through what I wanted to get out...my hope is to update more tonight after we meet with Dr. Mattei and get the answers to what is to come and after we make the haul back from Philly!

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  1. We went camping as a family this weekend, and I thought you guys the whole time. I am glad to come home and read that that is what you were doing too! My daughter is 3 and had a blast, my son is 1 and it was his first time. Good luck to Emily this week with the surgery. Sending my prayers always.