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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Almost done at the clinic...Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's been a very long day in the clinic! I'm exhausted and my head is killing me! Emily is sleeping! We have been here since 1030 this morning and talked with Dr Gowda about the evening before and where he felt things were! He checked Emily out and everything looked good!! Still no fever and also looked in mouth and still no mouth sores! So looks like for stem cell we will be using both glutamin and traumeel!  Dr Gowda ordered blood for Emily since her hemoglobin was so low last night, another round of antibiotics and more blood cultures!   Thankfully at this point we are just waiting for the blood transfusion to finish which should be about 530pm and we will put her on some more fluids at home just to keep her hydrated!  Hopefully she stays fever free!

We should be leaving the clinic in about another half hour and then will be off to pick up the girls! And then off to make some dinner and spend some time with the girls!  

Please send your thoughts for a quiet and relaxing weekend with the family and no more fevers! Hug and kiss your babies and love them with all your heart!

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  1. dear Lord,
    Please protect little Emily and her family and let them have an amazing, memory making and HEALTHY weekend together!