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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 Part 2

Just a quick update, as I am exhausted from working late last night and then trying to update caringbridge and I would like to work a little bit tonight as well!

Emily really amazes us, because today she has been in an absolutely great mood.  She has been smiling and talking and just having a very good day. At 1010AM this morning they ended up having to give her a bolus (a large dose of fluids over 30 minutes) to get her to potty and see where her specific gravity was.  The last check was at 630 AM and she still was not there.  Emily was awake from 5 to 7 this morning and then fell back to sleep. So by 11AM, Emily woke up saying, "I have to pee!" She finally made her counts and they could get the chemo started, started finally by 1230 after the medicines and all were given.  Not that I really wanted to get them started, but they needed to get started so that she can leave by Friday.  

But if you ask why I say she amazes us is because she always does what we want her to do.  She may give a little fight sometimes, but she always does it.  Today she gave no fight, she took her Life Mel Honey and she did everything else each time she needed to take it for me. We are still using the Traumeel and this round we are trying Glutamin, so we are using both and our hope is that it will cut out those nasty sores she had in Round 4.  I know so many others have gotten them worse and hers were at a minimal, but none at all would even be better.  So we will test how this goes and see what happens.  If they are even more minimal than they were from Round 4, we will be using both during Stem Cell.  Emily had me walking a lot today, many rounds around the 7th floor halls.  Tonight I am feeling it on my foot with the broken toe, but if it makes her happy we will do it.

Daddy came tonight with Brianna and brought Pizza, this is Emily's new fav for the moment, so she was very happy about the pizza from her favorite Whole Foods and enjoyed walking the halls with dad and Brianna tonight.

So far things are going as well as to be expected while we are here, Emily just continues to amaze us as she does so well with what we thought was going to be a really hard time on her.  We can just never tell with her.

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