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Saturday, July 2, 2011

All the Scans are Back

Well all the scans are finally back and we are moving forward to stem cell transplant on July 18th, we are so happy to know that Emily is moving forward..  Emily did great on all of her scans, she was so strong and did such an awesome job.  Doug and I have watched her grow up so fast in this last 6 months and it is just amazing how strong she has become over all this stuff that she has to go through.  

The bone scan that she had last week came back with a preliminary negative but we heard on Friday it was positive showing the spots on her legs.  It continues to show the spot on her skull, but again when we had these reviewed back at CHOP they did not find any concern with that spot and wouldn't have noted it.  We also heard that the BONE MARROW IS CLEAN!!!!  This is awesome and we are very happy to hear this.  We honestly thought Dr Gowda was holding onto this until we got back from Disney World because he found something in it.  And of course when he told me it was clean, my first question was now it won't come back next week as positive showing anything will it?  He said that is why he waited so long to let us know because he didn't want to give false hope.   We are both really happy about this and our main concern will be to focus on the 4 spots on Emily's legs. 

Wednesday morning, we are all being picked up by the Love Limo and heading to the airport.  It doesn't seem real like it isn't going to happen, but we are all very excited.  Emily tells everyone where we are going.  

Doug and I made a promise to each other to not talk about all this stuff until we have to come back to it. He is right, we need to enjoy the family, each other and just have fun and lay back and watch the girls with huge smiles on their faces to make us smile.  I love seeing them happy. 

Thats really all I have to update with as of right now.  Make sure you are following Emily's Journey on Facebook because I do update with small updates there when I can.  Next week I will try to post a few pictures of the girls, as they are all excited about heading to Disney World. 

Thank you again for everyone's love and support and all the prayers for everything for Emily, it means so much!

Have a great, safe, holiday weekend.  ENJOY!


  1. That is wonderful and wonderful timing!!! PTL!

  2. So so so happy to hear that!!!!! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Great news!! I'm glad things are looking up, Shannon!

    The girls are going to have a blast in Disney and you and Doug are going to love watching them enjoy themselves. Live in the moment while you're there and just enjoy the time with your family! <3

  4. I hope you have the best vacation to Disney ever!!! i am sure she will get the royal treatment.... Lots of hugs to all of you!!

  5. So glad to see things are looking good right now i hope it continues to get better! Have fun at Disney World!!!! I hope the trip doesn't go to fast!

  6. Praise the Lord!! I'm so glad to hear wonderful news and positive outcome. So excited for your family to get to send amazingly special quality time together at Disney!! You'll sure be basking in a ton of smiles on your girls' faces!!! It's all a Treasure your family will never forget. His Bless! Luv, Roxanne :)

  7. Praise the Lord! I'm so happy to hear about the good test results. It is amazing and truely wonderful! Enjoy and treasure your much needed and deserved family time in Disney!! It will be an experience your family will treasure and remember all your lives!! God Bless!