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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MIBG Results 2-22-12

I know everyone is looking for an update on how Emily's scans turned out...we were both very nervous about the results and especially with Emily complaining of pain in her right hip! The results came back with written terms: " whole body images demonstrate multiple foci of increased tracer uptake in the following areas: the right side of the skull, the lumbar spine, pelvic bones bilaterally, proximal and mid shaft of the femurs bilaterally. Compared to the prior study of 1/10/2012 , the intensity of some lesions has decreased." This means that Emily's scans are stable and some of the lesions are not as bright. Dr Mosse seemed surprised by the results but happy.

This means Emily is not progressing and is not regressing but the intensity of some are lighter. While there is nothing to celebrate as of yet, we are ok with the results and just happy to have Emily here with us and enjoying life.

So, what's next...we still have a long road ahead of us...we don't have an end in sight (I asked) and what is next is low dose chemo. Low dose chemo until something else comes open. Currently Emily does not qualify for any trials, mainly because she is not progressing and because they don't have any clinical trials that are open. So we are on a bridge right now... Low dose chemo it is... Emily will start on a antibiotic tomorrow that is to help with the major side effect which is diarrhea and then come Monday she will start to different chemos at home. Irinotecan and temozolomide. Emily will do two rounds of this which is 21 days per cycle. So the first 5 days will be an oral liquid which is the irinotecan (but we are awaiting approval from the insurance on this one since they normally do it by IV ...if not approved then Emily will have to go to the hospital for two weeks everyday Monday thru Friday to receive the irinotecan) and the temozolomide which is in pill form. After the 5 days she will have 2 weeks of of no chemo and then start the second round. After the second round we will go back which is approximately 45 days for scans to see if the chemo is working and re-evaluate.

We are still nervous about what if this does not work... Dr Mosse said this works for some and they are on it for years but then others it does not work. We asked about hair loss and she said no but on the side effects it says the most common effects are decrease in number if red and white blood cells and platelets made in bone marrow, diarrhea and hair loss. So we are going to question that. Emily will only have to go once a week at our home hospital for count checks.

Tomorrow is surgery day...removal of broviac line and insertion of port. This will work out well with the chemo that Emily is being put on that it will not need to be accessed as much. So ready for emily to be able to enjoy the pool, taking a bath and just normal things and not be left out of the summer activities...this is why our hope would be to sometime take the girls to the great wolf lodge in Williamsburg!!! She will also have her bone marrows checked for disease while she is under tomorrow. She will not be inpatient but we have to be around for any problems and also to get the chemo to take home with us. They want the chemo to start Monday.

Doug and I are still talking about getting a second opinion, if you will, from Sholler in michigan on this and if we are going in the right direction. Doug and I want to do what is right for emily and rid her of this horrible disease and move forward. We also asked Mosse about Sloan but she didnt feel it was a good option for Emily right now.

So we charge in...we move forward... Ok with the results but our goal is still to be Ned... The thought of having to keep Emily on a chemo for long term just to not progress is not something we want...no end in sight, but we move forward and just happy she is happy and not in any pain....

Will update after surgery tomorrow on how she is doing.


  1. So glad to hear that there is now a plan. Emily is always in my prayers. XOXO

  2. Oohh, I have been waiting for this post all day long! Happy to hear that it isn't progressing! Keep up the great fight! Prayers continue!! :)

  3. Good luck Emily. We love you and are still praying hard for you. Alex says to say hi to you and tell you he misses you bunches and bunches.

  4. we love you emmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Bella and I will be saying a prayer that everything goes smoothly for beautiful Emily tomorrow and that Shannon and Doug find some comfort in knowing that you now have a few more people to call friend and are here to help anyway we can.

    Bonnie, Terry and Bella

  6. What a mixed bag huh? We are continuing to pray and hope for great news for your family!

  7. Emily.... You keep on fighting, Baby Girl!!! Believing that you will win is 1/2 the battle!! Keep smiling!!!! Lynn Ronquest

  8. Emily, you keep on fighting, Baby Girl!!! Believing that you can & will win is 1/2 the battle!!! Keep Smiling!!!!! Pulling for you!!!! You and your family are in my prayers!!!

  9. I loved meeting Emily when you checked in. She is so adorable! Praying for your family & have a safe trip home. Sherry