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Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 1 New Trial

We got into the campground late last night and ended up getting to bed late so everyone was exhausted and didn't want to get up this morning!! Plus I heard the alarm go off and turned it off and fell asleep until a little late! Oops!

A new area and a new hospital to adjust to! Its nice here and so far everyone has been very nice and we really liked Dr Kaplan! But its been a long day here at Levines today!

We met with Dr Kaplan while the girls played and went over preliminary about Emily and then talked about the trial and any questions we had! Emily had to be accessed again today and she screamed and cried and then once it was in she was fine! She seems to be having a harder time with this access with it staying in saying it hurts to raise her arm and is holding it, but eveything looks ok! This has to stay in until Friday so I am hoping that she handles it well! And there are no problems!

Overall her counts look great and everything looks good, so we just wait while fluids are going now which need to go for an hour! She did take her nifurtimox well with no problem by crushing it and putting in apple juice and then taking by syringe (go dad, great idea!!)! She will have to take these 3 times a day (today only twice)! Once the fluids are done the chemo will start!

Doug and I have been dragging feet about the chemo starting again, it's still hard to swallow that we have to do this and that she still has spots that don't want to go away! Please put all your thoughts into this chemo and pill doing it's job, because I know we are!

So by 605pm Emily will have blood drawn for the trial and hopefully we will be out of here by 630! A long day and a long week ahead!

I will continue to keep you all updated on how Emily is doing!


  1. Praying for Emily to be healed very soon

  2. Emily is in my prayers daily. I know that God our Father is capable of COMPLETE healing, so that is my prayer for this sweet little girl!!