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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fever Watch

Fever watching sucks! It sucks for her because she is just exhausted and wants to sleep and it sucks for us knowing the meaning behind it and what will happen should she get it! It's De ju vu (spelling), we remember this like it was yesterday! This is one of those things we hoped would not happen!! Fears of fever, because if it goes up it just means she will have inpatient stays! We have not had an inpatient stay since January for MIBG therapy and Emily cried tonight when we talked about getting a fever and what it would mean! Auntie was here and listening and watching her cry, brought tears to her eyes! Kids hate the hospital, so the fewer the stays the better but what can you do! Our hearts hurt tonight just knowing what is coming! We are still home, but please send your thoughts they just stay away, she needs a break!

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  1. In the name of Jesus Christ our savior please put your healing hands on beautiful Emily