Emily's Journey through Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma. Please check back often as we will update as often as we can.

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Monday, August 6, 2012


Currently settled in 7central room 220 watching Emily sleep from Benadryl induced!

Emily woke up in a pool of blood this morning from extremely low platelets! Scared the crap out of us this morning but learned it was just platelets! We were in no hurry to get to the hospital this morning but arrived in to get platelets and some antibiotics! Everyone coming in to look at the spots!

There are speculations of what the spots are but no one knows for sure! Dermatologist came to look at them and took pictures and we didnt get much from them at this point! Tomorrow they will do a biopsy at 9am and they said it will take about a week to get the results!

Emily is doing well except for the extreme pain in her leg and foot! She is eating well just not walking and we are carrying her where she needs to go! As long as you don't touch her spots she is fine!

We will continue to keep you updated! We will have her Mibg scan this week and get to find out more and really get a sense of what is going on!

Hug and love your kids and tell them how much you love them!

Please continue to keep Emily in your thoughts and NO PROGRESSION!

(pic is from clinic waiting to head inpatient)


  1. I cannot even imagine how the waiting messes with you. I am so sorry but praying and thinking GOOD NEWS for all of you. Hang in there!!!!

  2. Praying and fasting for you Emily!!


  3. Love, prayers for you & Strength...Keep trucking Beautiful Emily xx

  4. We are praying for you guys!! Stay strong all of you! Hugs, and prayers and good thoughts to all of you.
    (RM Evalik86)

  5. We are praying for you guys!! Stay strong all of you! Sending hugs and happy thoughts and prayers to you all. You are in our family's thoughts!
    (RM evalik86)

  6. Lots of prayers to you all Shannon. I continue to be inspired by Emily :) Thank you for all of your posts keeping us updated.

  7. We think of you every day. Stay strong Emily.

  8. It's Julie from allamericanbabyboutique and I try to follow when I can but noticed issues with low platelets and my good friend who's son is actually 1 month younger than my daughter age 3 1/2 suffers from Pearson syndrome which makes the kids produce no platelets and they are transfusion dependent until the disease progresses and some how changes. In Lukes case his platelets get to around 20 before the transfusions well he use to. Now when he is low my friend Linda gives him oxygen therapy in an oxygen chamber and his numbers double w/ one dive and stay up for a while. Just wanted to pass that on as a lot of cancer patients also do the oxygen chamber and have a lot of success. Anyways Emily is in our prayers :)