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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Outsider's View

Entry written by Sue George:

I would like to start this post off by saying how truly honored I am that Shannon and Doug have asked me to write on this CB site and to be an administrator on Emily’s FB page. When Shannon asked me to write an entry she said it would be good to have an ‘outsider’s view’. Unfortunately I can’t write as an ‘outsider’, I consider them my family, I love them all as my family and I will stand by them always, as my family.

My heart breaks as I watch Emily battle this monster known as Neuroblastoma. She has a heart of gold; she is such a loving young lady and for her to be dealt this hand stinks! When I sit and look at her in that big hospital bed hooked up to bags and bags of POISON it takes all my strength to not sit in tears. After all, Emily doesn’t cry … she FIGHTS! She lets the nurses take vitals, answers every doctor’s question, and corrects them when they try to take her temperature by mouth! She even shows them where the next spot is for her shot… Emily is nothing short of AMAZING.

This CH14.18 (antibody treatment) causes pain, pain that no 5 year old should have to experience. The doctors minimize her pain with Morphine over and over again and she FIGHTS! The Morphine causes her to break out so they hit her with Benadryl and she FIGHTS! The IL-2 causes fevers and achiness; they give her Tylenol and she FIGHTS! This will go on for 6 cycles, 6 months of torture, IV pokes, platelet transfusions, hospital stays, GM-CSF shots but she keeps on fighting!

Emily has touched the lives of so many. Not only are others inspired to fight their own battles, they are often the recipient of the Hubbels’ encouraging words and care packages. If they meet Emily in person, they are awarded her million dollar smile! That can make anyone feel better in that moment, no matter what life has dealt to them.

This ‘outsider’ has been taught to look at life differently, to appreciate the little things, and to open my heart and allow room for a new family. Emily is a fighter, she is my ‘bestest’ friend, and she will be victorious in beating this monster.


  1. What an awesome post!! We love you Emily, hang in there angel, you can do it.

  2. Emily is amazing. Her smile and sweet spirit can light up any room. She is definitely a fighter and as parents we draw strength from their courageous fight. Sue, you and JoJo are amazing too. God places people in our lives at precisely the right time. Your kindness and loving hearts is a tremendous gift. I'm certain the love and learning goes both ways. You do have one of the 'bestest' in the world. We continue to keep Emily in our prayers as she endures this part of her journey. Thanks for sharing....xoxoxo #TeamBolton

  3. What an amazing post! No child should have to be scared or worried or their families for that matter. I hope this battle is won very soon. You are all wonderful family for such a brave Angel. Keep up that Bright smile and fighting spirit Emily!

  4. Great post! Emily your an amazing young lady who inspires us all with your bright smile and Awesome courage. An amazing family who must be such a strength to have. I hope this battle is won before you know it xxx & we pray it is for all your friends too.