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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quick Update

We received an email from Dr. Sholler today letting us know that the bone marrow and MDS are both completely negative. This is good news, because if the marrow were positive for MDS we would have to stop the current regiment that Emily is on. Thankfully that is not the case, and her marrow looks good.  Doug and I meet with Dr Gowda on Friday for clinic and to go over the options that we were given. Again we will most likely go with two more rounds of the avastin/irenotecan/temodar that she has been on. She has been handling that very well, with minimal sickness, and even gaining weight, 

Emily was so excited, she was able to ride the school bus yesterday for the first time with her BFF.  It's a big deal for dad and I to let her ride the bus and even harder for dad. Dad drives Emily to school every day and walks her to her class, so this is hard on him. But it is also hard on us because of germs and worrying about the other kids, but we also know we can't protect her from everything. However Emily is doing great and loves it.  We do know that there seems to be lots of sicknesses going around, so that is another concern for us, worrying about her getting sick since her immune system is compromised, which could mean hospital inpatient sickness or even fatal. We are constantly on her about keeping her hands washed and hand sanitizing her hands often during the day. If flu season is as bad as it was last year, Emily will be staying home and we will have the home bound teacher come again. 

Just a quick update. Remember to kiss your kids and tell them how much you love them. 

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  1. Thank You Father!! Praying and praying for you Emily. Enjoy the bus!