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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

End of the Year Scans

So we are on our way to Michigan. UGH!!!!! Last night we made it to our half way point. We are always thankful to have our wonderful friends Sue and Jojo in Pittsburgh, PA (our half way point) who always have dinner ready for us. Thank you! Today we will travel the rest of the way to Grand Rapids, MI. Thankfully we were able to stay in the Renucci House this time.

December 23 ", 2013 we will be reaching Emily's 3 year mark of battling with this disease. December 18, 2010 was when the journey started and we didn't know what was wrong.   December 23, 2010 she was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma and we weren't given great news for outcome. November 16, 2011 when Emily was going to CHOP to start antibodies, we learned that she had another spot on her lumbar, L4, which was progression. December 20, 2012 after Emily had 3 rounds of the compassionate antibodies, Emily progressed with several places including her skull and more spots on her back.

So here we are in November again! Scans at the end of the year! Why did I tell you all that? Our anxiety is off the roof right now. The end of the year we tend to have news we don't like. News that takes us to other places. Sleep isn't happening much, no patience in sight, and just all the fear.

So, scans are Thursday! Here are the Appointments coming up:
Wednesday, November 13:
--1030am for port access and CBC 
--1130am MIBG injection
--most likely head back for platelets if under 30

Thursday, November 14:
--1030am MIBG scan 
--1230pm meet with Dr Sholler to go over results 

Thursday if you have Emily gear, please wear it. Take pictures and post them on Facebook tagging Shannon Hubbel, or post to Emilys Journey (www.facebook.com/emilysjourney) or email them to me at shannon@emilyhubbel.com. I will post them in an album on Emilys Facebook.  Please send all your love, positive mojo, prayers and thoughts for stable or better....

Remember to hug and kiss your kids and tell them how much you love them.


  1. Three years of battle and it seems to me that even through all of the Emily is looking really good. Praying that in itself is a sign that this cancer is gone once and for all!

    Praying and praying for you Emily and for these scans to be clear.

  2. Sending huge huge hugs....

  3. Wish I had some Emily gear because I sure would be sporting it. Our prayers are with you always for good scan reports and blood work. <3