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Monday, February 17, 2014

Back Again

So we have another long day here. At the hospital!! Been here since 930 and we will be here through the evening unfortunately! Her hemoglobin tanked again most likely from throwing up blood again. All weekend she has been very low key and hardly eating anything!  Platelets are also low as well and all of her vitals are extremely low with high heart rate!  Right now she is getting a bolus of fluids for 2 hours! We are waiting for a bed to be admitted into the PCH (step down unit) so she can be watched closer and to get blood and platelets! The clinic is nervous about giving her platelets now also because of last week!  Zofran was given to settle her stomach. Emily is very lethargic and pale and sleeping a lot! So another long day here! At this point we don't know if she will be admitted or not because it will depend on her vitals and how she is doing. 

Please continue to send your thoughts and love for Emily!


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