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Friday, April 11, 2014


Today marks 4 days that Emily has had fevers off and on during the day and night. The only symptom she has is a fever. Everything she was tested for earlier this week has come back negative so we have been giving Tylenol at home. We also haven't given her blood pressure medicines too her the past 4 days because her blood pressure has been a little on the lower side with high heart rates! 

Dad took Emily to clinic this morning and upon arriving she has a fever of 101.3 with high heart rate. I came in mid day so that dad could go home to sleep since he has to work tonight. They did blood cultures again and are checking to see if she has the flu. We should hear from the doctor on call sometime tonight if the flu test is positive! If it is they will call in tamiflu. If it is not, if she has another fever we have to call the on call and let them know. Obviously we worry about fevers for four days because it reminds us of when she was diagnosed bc she had unexplained fevers! 

Her red blood is slowly dropping currently at 8. So we have to watch her to see if she is tired to take her in for blood. Her platelets did drop from 63 Wednesday to 32 today, so she needed a transfusion so she would make it through the weekend. We figured she would need them since fevers eat up platelets!

Right now she doesn't have to return until Wednesday unless another fever or needs a blood transfusion! Wednesday she will be admitted Into the bone marrow transplant floor and prepped for her stem cell boost.  The plan is just to be there all day unless something happens. She will then have to return Thursday morning depending on what her counts are Wednesday. 

It's been really busy at the hospital lately and we really need a break. Heck it would be nice to have a vacation away from it all. But.  

The neulasta (14 days today) worked very well for her WBC and ANC because that is up. It's possible to stay in her system for another week and we could possibly see a drop off but we know it's still around right now. Since her ANC is up they are not keeping her inpatient unless sometime else happens! Since today was 14 days on DFMO, VCU was sending over her information from today to Helen DeVos for day 15! According to the trial she will need a day 28 labs as well. 

Please continue to keep Emily in your thoughts. We are hopeful it's not the flu but at the same time we don't know what else is causing the fevers!

Thank you for continuing to follow Emily and her journey! 


  1. Continuing to pray for you Emily!!


  2. My prayers are always with you and your family. Praying they find the reason for fevers. God Bless and Be WITH you and Emily.

  3. My prayers are always with you and your family. Praying they find the reason for fevers. God Bless and Be WITH you and Emily.

  4. My prayers will always be with you, Emily and the rest of your family. May God intervene in Emily's body and take away this cancer forever! Hugz, Love & Blessings