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Friday, May 23, 2014

Emily Update

Sorry for the delay in updating! Lots of driving!!

Emily did well with scans! Thankfully all of her counts are looking good, platelets did drop but only by 5 points so we are not too worried about it!

We met with Dr Sholler and Nurse Practioner Shannon after the scans and they are happy with how well Emily looks. Her hair is taking longer to grow in but we are thinking it is because of the DFMO! It can cause thinning of hair.  Hearing test have to be done every 6 months so when we go back the next time she will have another hearing test.

Scans are stable. Final impression : increase in amount of avidity/activity at multiple spots including the spots, spine, pelvis and proximal femur. It is especially noted in the left orbit. Mild decrease in right iliac. 

For now we will continue with DFMO and have scans again in 3 months. We will watch her HMA/VMA urine at home but right now they are the lowest they have ever been. Although when she progressed in December a year ago her numbers were not up. 

Dr Sholler did go over another trial with us that is DFMO with velcade. It just opened a week ago so we may think about doing it later but for now we feel this is best to keep her on just DFMO! She too was ok with us continuing on just DFMO being that she doesn't have any new spots. 

Emily is doing great though so we are happy with where she is right now. We will continue weekly visits to clinic to check counts and hopefully once they feel they are stable enough we will move to every two weeks but for now once a week. 

We are now spending time with family for the Holiday , have cake for early birthday for Emily!!  Emily will be 7 May 30 and she is excited Icing Smiles will be making her a dream Frozen Cake. 

Sorry again for the delay.

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