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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Round 4 DFMO

Well we are starting Round 4 of DFMO. Emily had clinic on Thursday to check counts, do a physical and HMA/VMA! Got to meet with Dr Gowda and had not seen him since scans at end of May. Counts looks great so there is no worry there.  He did say he looked at Emily's scans and based off what he read with the spots being brighter more intense and only one of them not as intense he said they would have called it different than stable.  He said he emailed Dr Sholler and she indicated that on the DFMO trial a patient cannot continue unless there is major growth to a spot or a new spot.  So with that Dr Gowda wants Emily to have her

HMA/VMA checked every two weeks. He said this is the only way to really check without scans until August. He said he felt that if they go up during those times he will do a recheck and then of still up ask for scans earlier. He asked that we just to be on our toes for another trial should something happen and we normally always are.  Overall though Emily is doing great! 

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