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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Long Day

Today was a long day at hospital...Emily had clinic for accessing her port and checking counts. Her counts came back and they are starting to come back up so it tells us she was fighting something about a week ago.   We should get results tomorrow of urine markers!

In between clinic and injection we met up with another neuroblastoma fighter , Molly and her mom Trisha and Dawn whose son lost his fight with neuroblastoma, superbub! It was great seeing you guys today!! Then we had injection and had lunch with Molly!  Emily also had her hearing test! Hearing test shows no significant change which we are very happy to hear! She is only a few decibels down from where she was last time so if we want to go the route of using an FM system we could do that if she needs more help at school. 

Tomorrow Emily goes back to clinic at 12pm to get accessed again and then she has her MIBG/CT scan at 1pm! We thought we would have to wait till Friday to get results but Dr Sholler will be able to get them so we meet in the clinic around 3pm!! It will probably take longer to get them but we will see!

ScAnxiety is definitely here so please wear your Emily Gear in support of Emily and send your love and thoughts!

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