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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Today is Scans

We made it to Michigan Monday evening by dinner time. Our drive on Sunday was an icy mess most of the way and it was kind of crazy to see snow from our front door at home until we arrived in Michigan!

My dad made it to Michigan by 1130 Monday evening due to some cancelled flights because of weather! 

Yesterday Emily had clinic to be accessed for labs, urine markers, physical and then injection. Hearing test was cancelled since we just had one 3 months ago and we only need them every 6 months on this trial. Labs look great as they have been and physical went fine! Nurse Practioner is happy with how well she looks and we are too!  Injection went fine and Emily wanted to be deaccessed since we are at a hotel with a pool and she wanted to get in the pool. After the injection was done the nurse wasn't paying attention and didn't put heparin in her line to close it and deaccessed her and realized what she did. This meant Emily had to be accessed again only to get the heparin and be deaccessed. Needless to say Emily was pretty upset as was mom and dad. Doug had to leave the room to not say anything nasty but the nurse really needs to pay more attention Emily should not have been accessed twice like that.

After leaving clinic we had lunch and hung out with my dad for the rest of the afternoon! The girls played in the pool for a little while, ran some errands and dad took us out for dinner. Dad, thank you for coming and bring a part of this journey we are on. We thank you!

Today is scans, so don't forget to wear your Emily gear or pink and purple!!  We meet with Dr Sholler after the scans. We are ready for this to be over and head on continuing on DFMO. Please keep Emily in your thoughts for stable scans!

Remember to hug and kiss your kids and tell them you love them!

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