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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Just a quick update before work today, everything has been going great here with Emily. She went Friday for a count check and her counts are going up. Which is awesome news. We left the hopsital Wednesday at .4 and when she went Friday her white blood count was 1.1, so we were pretty happy with that. Her ANC was also .5 so she is ready for the next round of chemo which will start on Thursday. Emily needed that break and it has been nice to all be home together as a family!

We did get the house all to organic food and that has been going really well! We visited Whole Foods over the weekend, what a great experience and we loved the place (or maybe just I did). We did have to make another trip, but this time I went with a list and that really helped. I have been making meals since Sunday to prepare for the hospital so that when Doug comes up tot he hospital he can make them and bring them on. Some of breakfast and lunch, could probably be more like fruits and then veggies with a sandwich or something at lunch. The change to organic really hasn't been that hard, it actually feels good to eat healthy. Doug has been working on research. He has been researching what is good and bad with nueroblastoma and we are going to work with some of the things that he has found!

Since Thursday we head back and have to be there at 10AM, I was thinking if I can get the girls out of the house by 7AM and drop Brianna off at the sitters, I will bring Emily by her daycare for a little bit (since her counts should be completly back by this point but with a mask) to see her friends that she misses. So tonight we are giong to go and get her some Valentine Day Cards to work on during the day tomorrow so that she can bring them to her friends on Thursday morning. we told her and she is pretty excited, but she wants to bring her friends to the house. :)

Everything has been great here with no fevers, everyone is very happy, so I just wanted to give you guys an update.

Again I want to thank all of the wonderful people out there who have just been amazing to us. It really means a lot. Thank you again for all of your wonderful help and love.

Oh for all those in the local area here, I did see that Emily's daycare is doing a Cici's fundraiser for Emily on 2/16 from 5 PM to 8PM, if you would like to head out their and support her. I can also tell you that there is going to be another fundraiser on April the 8th at Home Team grill in Downtown, Richmond from 6PM to 1130 with live music and proceeds to go to Emily. Again, our heart reaches out to all those wonderful people who are doing these wonderful things, because they really mean a lot to us!

Thank you so much! Virtual hugs to all of you! And please pray for all of those who have to deal with this awful disease.

(my intention is to start posting the same thing that I post on CaringBridge here and then eventuatlly only use this as means of telling you all about Emily!, I like Caring Bridge, but I also want to have something just for Emily!

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  1. *hugs back*
    Lots of prayers going out for all of you! :D
    Thank you so much for the updates! It helps because then I know what to pray for or about and/or how I might be able to send some cheer your way. :)
    May you all have the strength, energy and courage to go through the next round of chemo.
    Ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers daily.
    Take care!
    Mippy :)