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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morning, another early update here.  Its the day before we head back to the hospital for Round 2 of Chemo and I have to say although we are somewhat prepared for what is going to happen, I am still nervous about it.  I am nervous that we may have to share a room and we have gotten really big about germs, so I'm not sure what I will think about that.  I am nervous about the side effects.  i think everything will work out. But I'm just nervous.  Doug has been doing a lot of research so he found some herbal stuff called Traumeel that is supposed to prevent the sores in her mouth.  He picked it up yesterday from Elwoods and we are going to do it 4 times a day.  I hope it works and those sores don't show their ugly head, because they were awful and the doctor said the sores get worse.  ACK. Anyway.  Doug and I are trying quite a few things and I am happy with the things that we are going to try to not only keep her happy, but in hopes to keep her counts up, continue eating and nothing that will hurt her.

I forgot to tell you guys that over the weekend Emily shaved Doug's hair. At first for a couple of days she wasn't about doing it, but after he got the stuff out she was ready to do it.  She told Nanny the next day she shaved daddy's head to look like hers.  It was cute.  For a little bit she stared at Doug and said he looked weird, but I think it is pretty cute!

Looks like they are calling for snow tonight.  We don't get much here and the past few times that we have gotten it, Emily has been in the hospital so she really hasn't been able to enjoy any of it.  

Well I hope you all have a good Wednesday, the next update probably won't be until after we are in the hospital.  We are going to stop by her daycare tomorrow morning and visit her friends and then head on over to the hospital to the clinic.

Love your kiddos and hold them tight. 

(My intention is to keep writing on CaringBridge, but to eventually change over to to her page here that I have made her and my husband and I will both be working on.  So for right now, I will post them in both places, but make sure you are following so that you will be updated when we update the page.)

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  1. You are all in my prayers, especially that little precious blessing. I can't begin to know a day in your life, but my heart breaks for you. I hope and pray for complete healing for Emily and I love the positivity of your family. Keep it up!! Much love and prayers.