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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Its Saturday morning and its been a while since I updated, so I must apologize, just seems like lots going on and then I fall asleep or something.

Wednesday evening, the girls and I were headed to Kroger since dad was working late, to pick up some organic foods and while on the way there,  I received a call from Tiffany from Diva's and Dudes. First I must say these woman at Diva's and Dude's are just an amazing group of woman.   AMAZING.  I told Tiffany, we would just stop by and talk to her since we were literally on our way that way and she was excited. Emily was excited, she loves Diva's and Dudes. We stopped by and Tiffany told me that Emily really left an impression on them and they wanted to do an event for Emily one day to have a certain amount of the proceeds go to Emily.  I was amazed, but you know Emily has always left something behind to everyone even before all this started! Also they want to give Emily a party at Diva's and Dudes and Emily is excited about this one.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks, her counts are up and she can head over and have her and all her girlfriends be glamoured away!  This is amazing.  So, all of Emily's girlfriends at CCDC if you are interested in being invited, please let me know (email me at Shannonh@couponmommyof3.com) so that I can let you know exactly when it will be.  Emily is super excited about this. :) Doug and I later want to do something when we can have all of her friends from CCDC do something with her, because she loves all of her friends from school.  Diva's and Dudes, you are guys are just an amazing group of people and we just want to say thank you for making our daughter so special. 

Thursday Emily needed to head back to the clinic to have her counts check and make sure she is ready for Round 2.  But before we headed there, I wanted to take her by her school to see her friends.  I wish I would have taken a picture, but I didn't because when we got there there was a sign outside that said, "We Love You Emily!" and everyone was waiting to see her.  We brought her Valentine Day Cards that she did for her friends and came in to see all of her friends.   To all of you mom's and dad's of CCDC's I just want to send a huge Thank you for all of the amazing things that you are doing to benefit Emily.  I can't tell you all how much everything means to us and just puts a huge smile on our face to know that everyone is standing behind our daughter. Thank you!  Thank you!  Emily enjoyed spending a little bit of time with her friends (I thought she wasn't going to want to wear a mask, but she did great and had no problem) and everyone was amazing with her. Thank you!

Since we still had a little bit of time after that, I decided we will stop by mommy's work and see mommy's friends at work and then head to the clinic.  I called to make sure everyone was in and they were, except for my supervisor (but I knew he wouldn't be, but we missed you!).  Emily was shy, but that was normal, but it was nice to see everyone and everyone that is supporting Emily.  So, thank you!  Then we headed to see Miss Marty, (also through my work), and Emilly just loves Miss Marty. Miss Marty was in a conference, but I knew even if I didn't stop by she would be upset.  Miss Marty, I know it made your day to see Emily and it made her day to see you! 

This is Emily at the Clinic waiting for her counts to come back. 

We headed on to the clinic and she cried on the way there.  She didn't want to be there, we tried to prepare her all week that we were going for a couple of days to the hospital,  but it didn't really help much.  We thought it might help.  She cried all the way!  Everything looked good at the clinic, her counts were great, went from  Friday, 2/4 of 1.1 WBC to Thursday, 2/10 up to 3.4.  So, it was great to see her counts up.  However they were still not normal when the 1st day of chemo they were 5.9.  After all of that, they gave her a room and we headed to get our stuff.  I had asked if it was a shared room and she said it was, but that no one was in there.  After we got our stuff and headed up to 7th floor, we found it was a shared room. I was pretty upset, but remained calm.  We saw Lauren, one of our favorite nurses and explained that we didn't want a shared room. Someone else was our nurse and she explained since her counts were fine it was hospital policy that she could share a room. I explained to her, while you say that her counts are fine, they are only fine in Chemo World, because her counts are still low considering normal and that she should not be sharing a room with anyone.  So, they called the other part of the floor and they didn't have any private rooms open. So they had the head nurse come talk to us.  I explained to her, "We had to pull her out of school, because it wasn't safe.  I asked if we sent her to school with no mask, would it be safe to say she wouldn't get sick?" She couldn't garantee that.  I explained to her, we have done a lot of research and research shows that children on chemo or any patient on chemo should not be sharing a room. You don't know the parents and family friends that are visiting the other patient and with her counts still being low she could still be in danger to get sick.  She understood and said the only other thing they could do was to see if there would any any other disharges for Friday and get her a room that way..  She came back and said they had 4 discharges for Central (children 5 and up) and could hold her a private froom for Friday.  So we decided to take that route.  You know, its interesting from reading and doing all the research that they still have patients undergoing chemo sharing rooms.  I understand that this is high time for RSV, Flu and other things, but also with chemo and counts it is dangerous if they get sick and their counts get seriously to low, so I stood up for Emily, since she could not.  While I hope I didn't make anyone upset, but I think I did...I just want my daughter to be safe and this is something that I will make sure the whole way through.  She already gets sick easily, so I don't want to see her get sick because of other people coming in and out of room that we don't know and may be sick.  Thank you for respecting our wishes.

So we headed home and spent time with the family until Friday came to head back to the hospital.

I will write more later, Emily's tummy is upset!  

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  1. Even if you did make someone upset - you did the right thing! You're absolutely correct - Emily can't stand up for herself, so you have to. And where sometimes it's good to be lenient, fighting for your child's health is not one of them. I'm glad it worked out and hope it follows through.