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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Long Day

Today I was able to meet the amazing guy who has given us a place for the camper to stay! It was great to put a face to person I talked to on the phone was great and I don't know if he knows how thankful we are!

Last night we also got to meet another NB family. They are staying at the Donald McDonald house so we were invited there last night! Karen and Hayley, it was great to meet you both and we enjoyed the conversation with another family (who is from va also) who understood what we were going through! Emily enjoyed herself and could be herself! We are sending lots of love to you guys!!

As for the scan, it went! I was so proud of Emily, I really was! We decided to try the MRI with no sedation but have the sedation team available and I would stay in the room with her! Don't know if you guys know much about an MRI but it is a big machine that is round and Emily goes in the middle of it on a table that she is buckled onto! The machine when it is started it knocks and then it makes really loud sounds! They said no binky and we had to put hospital clothes on! Her hat had sparkles in it so she also had to take that off also! We got into the room which is chained off and sealed shut and I sat Emily on the table! She shocked me and handed me her binky and hat, I was so proud of her! We had to use protection in our ears and we explained to Emily not to shake her head when we talked to her but to answer! I was so proud of her! She went in and they asked if she was ready and she said yes, the machine started knocking and then a loud noise which scared her so she jumped! But she was still! Tears started to fall from eyes bc I was so proud of her! She was going to do this! We got further into the scan and the loud noise changed and it was longer she did well the first time and then the next time, after about 6 minutes she started crying! They stopped the machine and pulled her out! She was crying for me! It broke my heart, she wanted to do this with nothing to put her to sleep and she just couldn't do it! I told her how so proud I was of her! So they brought her back to her room and started the sedation process! We have never used sedation before so it was new to us! At this point they took her back once she was asleep and we just waited an hour for her! When she was done we had to wait for her to wake on her own! It was about 515 pm when she woke and started pulling the oxygen off her, and the blood pressure cuff!

Now we wait! We wait until tomorrow to get the results and what happens from here and what Emily will need to do moving forward!

Send lots of love , thoughts and prayers her way this spot is nothing and we can move forward!

(picture of Emily before we went to hospital today when I met Mike from the campground! He recognized Emily from the website and came to talk to me!)


  1. Bless little Emily. I have hsd MRI scans and trust me, it was very unpleasant, Emily was amasing but having been in there myself, I know it would be far to sweetheart to endure. I am so thankful re place for your camper.. I prayed for you to have suitable accomodation the when I read your previous update. I pray for Emily and the family everday. God bless and lots of hugs and positive light. ((HUGS)) xxx from New Zealand. Lynn

  2. So proud of you Brave Emily! Brooke calls the MRI the big donut that sounds like pots and pans... It's SO LOUD! What a big girl you are for trying it out.. and Mommy too (I know how hard that is). Prayer and love to you every day. Can your mommy email me your new PA address sometime too?

  3. Oh she is so brave to try! I'm keeping her and all of you in my prayers. Emily just amazes me every time I think about how tuff she is! She has a wonderful family watching out for her! Hope the MRI has great results!

  4. Such a sweet, brave girl!

  5. Hi Emily,
    We love your picture! You are such a brave girl! We are praying very hard for you, and we can't wait to see you again. jdiedbddkndl(Alex was typing hi to you) We love you all.

    Bowles Family