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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3 Days Left

Day 1...mommy went to work yesterday and Daddy took Emily to clinic for chemo. Mommy has a hard time when she is not there with Emily, but I know she does just fine, although she didn't want me to go to work yesterday, as I was deaccessing her in the am before I left since she had been accessed for 7 days. They wanted to give her a little break (3 hour break or so) to access her again which will be for another 6 days. She did great with daddy and Daddy did well with the accessing for Emily!

Emily is still on her antibiotics and as of right now they are scheduled to be completed tomorrow evening unless we find out differently. Since she started chemo yesterday, she will also be on fluids for the week ending Friday evening. Emily is 27 pounds which is awesome, she has gained some weight, we are hopeful we can keep that up.

Day 2...mommy took Emily to clinic and today was a really long day! Chemo finished in good time but because her hemoglobin had dropped they wanted to give her blood! She will probably need platelets tomorrow! She has 3 days left!

Emily is handling things well though and we did tell her the good news we received from VCU and that she only has this last round of chemo and then some more treatment that wasnt chemo! Did learn today that Emily will go for follow up Mibg scans with dr Sholler during the week of September 3rd! It's a shame it has to be the first week of school but we are hoping that Emily will at least be able to go to school on Tuesday the 4th with Jessie and then we leave the 5th! However we just don't know yet! Then again depending on her counts she may not be able to go on her first day of school!

School right now is the other part we are working on! I did talk to the school and they understand the situation and also understand that Emily will not be able to have updated immunizations so we have to get the medical exempt form signed along with homebound! Dr Gowda did tell us that right now Emily probably won't be able to make it a full 8 hours of school either! Brianna too will be starting daycare in 2 weeks at Emily's old daycare! They are such a great daycare and have been so good to us!

We did get Emily's wig in last week and it looks great on her, but the hair is pretty long so we need to go somewhere and get it cut and also figure out how to get Emily to like it and wear it with no problems!

So far the first 2 days are going well and Emily is doing ok! We will continue to keep you updated!

Please keep Jack Bartosz and his family in your thoughts! http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jackbartosz
Jacks parents were told that they have no other options for Jack! This disease is terrible and breaks my heart! We have never met this family but they are constantly thought of, please leave them some love!

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  1. Hi Emily,
    Good for you in gaining some weight! Reading all these updates that your mommy shares just makes me so proud of you!!
    I know you will totally love your new hair and I am so anxious to see how wonderful it will look on you. You are such a pretty girl that the new hair style will be amazing.

    Praying and praying for you!