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Monday, December 17, 2012

Long Overdue

I realized when I posted about Teddy Greer's Parents Wish that  I haven't posted in quite some time and I honestly don't know what happened there.  And while tonight won't be the night that I go into a huge post because we have a lot of scanxiety going on right now when upcoming scans.  

Emily just finished the 3rd round of antibodies on Friday.  So, tomorrow we leave for Michigan and have MIBG Injection tomorrow, scans Wednesday morning and we meet with Dr. Sholler Thursday morning.  These are big scans for us...being that Emily hasn't been on chemo for about 3 months now, so our anxiety is extremely high and what also makes the anxiety even higher is that December 18th into the 19h marks 2 years since Emily's diagnosis.  2 years ago tomorrow we went into the hospital and it is when it all started.  2 years.

I will update more tomorrow.

Please send your love and thoughts.