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Monday, December 17, 2012

Teddy Greer's Parents Wish

I copied this from Teddy's Caringbridge... Can you help???

Here is my christmas wish: I would like you to grab 2 sidewalk chalks, a purple one and a yellow one. Go for a walk... and every so often, get down and draw a big yellow ribbon for pediatric cancer, under it, write in purple:
cancer kills children too!
watch the documentary!

I realize it is raining or snowing in most of the country, so it might take a few tries, it doesn't have to happen today, just anytime really, as long as the word gets out throughout the year.

Do it for:
Christopher Mullen
Juliana Pena

Ronan Thompson

Olivia Lambert,

Super Ryan

Anna Connor

Nick Franca

Sal vanni

Ylaria Cazares

Sam Anderson

Patrick Chance

Sydney Dudley

Sierra Rayn

Patrick Rider

Ava Holder

Elizabeth Westberry

Evan Linberg

Ezra Matthews

Ila Jean Rathbone

jarvis brett

Isabella Santos

Lily Blackman

connor Carvajal

Brandt Alexander Pflueger

Mason Thomas

Westin Miller Dietz

Lieym Bovee

Brennan Scurlock

Kyle James Williams

Kacie Clough


Nicholas Defelice

Kania Russell

Aisylin Bledsoe

Lilyana Barthuly

Reggie Green

Sadie Rose Clifford

Anjali Khatri

Jensen Daniel Byrd

Ariel South

Connor Fox

Joe Aquaro

Rodney Kaufman

Haley Ponting

Keiontae Hill

Eli Horn

Layla Blakeley

Bryson Youngblood

Kadie Stonebaker

Saoirse Fitzgerald

Madison Jane Allen

Katelyn Roker

Deyja Moses

Charmaine Lim

Aiden Shivers

Hayley Kudro

Thomas Cammack

Kody McCullen

Ryan Regan

Lilly DeJesus

Joshua Johnson

Adam Buiko

Tegan Stehr

Addison Jo Blair

Mckenzie Leigh Smith

Jack Bartoz
Hans Weberling


(the kids listed above are just some of the ones who have died of Neuroblastoma since Teddy was diagnosed in August 2010....)

Do it for the kids still fighting this beast, the ones who will be leaving in the next few days maybe weeks...., and all the children who have been killed by cancer.
Thank you.

Hayley Kudro
Jamir Gee

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  1. Man that is a huge list!! And only a few people mentioned. :(

    Praying and praying for you Emily. You rock and God has this one!! Keep the faith and look up.