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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Home Sweet Home with Update

(Update a little more info than Facebook)

After a few days in the hospital we are home! 

After platelets she had a small reaction where her blood pressure went up and her face started to turn red but after about 10 minutes it was under control! 

After platelet transfusion her platelets went up half and her hemoglobin had dropped a little bit. She has clinic on Thursday to check counts and see how she is doing! She will most likely need red blood and platelets but we will see. They also drew some additional lab work so we should have those results back on Thursday except for the antibody one that takes a little longer! 

She is still neutrapenic so she could still get another fever and have to go back. So hopefully she is on the up and up! But she appears to be feeling better so for that we are happy! 

She is still on many medicines and round the click Zofran but she is starting to eat a little more which is good!

Depending on how her hair does we may need to go and get it cut! We are seeing it mat a little bit in the back and trying it get the mat out from the hair loss will only make it worse. We just have to be careful with being neutrapenic!

(Photo from home today , she is happy to be home with her Barbie House)


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