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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Emily Update

Thankfully no fevers overnight. She was 99.5 at one time but it came back down! She seems pretty sad but we are thinking she is just ready to get home to see her dog and be home with all of us...Her ANC is still 0 today but since no fevers they will let her go home sometime this afternoon. Her platelets dropped again, so she will be getting a platelet transfusion and then wait a bit after and check them again to make sure they go up. I understand they also want to see if her body has built an antibody against platelets since they keep dropping, but we are hoping that it's just from her counts being low. Her hemoglobin dropped also but they would like to wait on that and see how she does.  Also Dr Gowda emailed and asks that we stop all chemo until her counts have recovered!                         

Still see quite a bit of her on her pillow and clothes, such a bummer that this has happened again, 4th time of losing her but. Again when she starts to notice we will talk to her about it!
Please continue to keep Emily in your thoughts and sending lots of love! 


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  1. Glad to hear the fevers have subsided. Continuing to pray and pray.