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Sunday, November 23, 2014

ER Visit Today

Yesterday morning Emily woke up very lethargic. She laid around most the morning. Mommy had a run with two of Emily's aunties and a good friend to run the Dunkin Donut Munchkins Race for ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation. I was thankful to have 2 sisters and a good friend who wanted to run for such a good cause and we stayed together which was amazing.  Daddy and the girls stayed home to cheer us on because it was a pretty cold morning. I did have to walk some but for someone who doesn't do runs except for exercise at home was happy with 36.02 for a 5K and I happy to cross it with Emily's Auntie and Good friend. Emily's other auntie had already ran a 5k earlier so she was tired and came in after. Thank you guys for running for Emily and all the other kids with childhood cancer. Thank you guys again for being a part of this for Emily, it really meant a lot. #running4Emily

When we came home Emily still wasn't feeling great, but was starting to come around. We spent the afternoon with family and then had some things to do.  Emily was pretty exhausted so when we got home she just wanted to cuddle with mommy. As she was laying there I realized she was burning up. Fever 103, GREAT!! We continued to watch overnight and this morning another fever of 101.7! Too dangerous to play with and not knowing what is going on. Called the on call and they said to bring her in. We brought her in, fever was down, imagine that?  They did labs, cultures and gave her an antibiotic. Counts are dropping again with WBC dropping and platelets dropping. We know platelets will drop with fevers and WBC dropped again since Friday. So, we are hopefully that she is just fighting something.  They did send us home, which is a plus and Emily was really happy to hear because she was worried they were going to keep her. She was also upset about even having to go because she was worried with getting her port accessed.  But she did ok. Thank you all for all the thoughts of Emily while she was at the ER.  Of course fevers make us worry, it us cancer parents that always have the worst thoughts of what fevers could be. So we will continue to hope it's just a childhood virus or cold she is fighting,

She had a birthday party to go today to one of her best friends! and we told her to be safe she should not attend.  We are glad she didn't because she has been very exhausted tonight. But we let her drop off her gift to her before her birthday party and it made both of the girls days to see each other.  At 730 tonight Emily was already asleep. Temps are fluctuating between 99-100 so it seems it may be another night of watching her temperature, Emily normally remains on the lower side of temps. This normally means setting the alarm clock quite frequently thought the night to check her temp. So with the holidays coming up, we have decided to keep the girls home from school Monday and Tuesday so that hopefully they will both feel ok and have a great Thanksgiving with family.

Please continue to keep our girl in your thoughts and remember to hug and kiss your kids and tell them how much you love them. 

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