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Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Night at the Hospital

Quick update: due to counts and last fever at 6pm last night Emily will remain in the hospital tonight. If no other fevers and blood cultures remain negative she will be discharged sometime tomorrow. WBC dropped to .1 today so ANC still too low to register which means it's possible that she can she get another neutrapenic fever. We hope not but it's a possibility! X-Ray was clear which is good! They will check her counts about 3 am and see how things look but expect that she may need platelets again. 

Lastly this regimen has been totally opposition of what we expected... Neutropenic, needing blood and platelets, mouth sores and we are noticing hair on her pillow and all over our clothes. She hasn't noticed yet but once she does we will walk her through it. 

Please continue to send your love and thoughts for Emily for her ANC to rise and no more fevers!!  Thank you all for keeping up with her!


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  1. Oh poor Emily!! I'm so sorry she is just not well. Praying and praying for her.